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Message started by Nuvolari on Jan 23rd, 2007 at 9:55pm

Title: Code Of Conduct for racing.
Post by Nuvolari on Jan 23rd, 2007 at 9:55pm
A code of conduct helps to create a fair and comprehensive race environment. As an example, I offer the Screaming Donkey Racing Team's drivers code of conduct to give you an idea about what a racing code of conduct is. The basis of this document is adapted from real world sources such as the FIA and CAMS to suit our needs in an online racing environment. We hope it will encourage fair racing and good sportsmanship.

You can use this topic to discuss or provide links to racing rules and regulations that may be useful in online sim racing.

The Screaming Donkey Racing Team wish to advise all racers who may be invited to join our server sessions that the following driver's code of conduct applies at all times during race and qualifying periods. The code can also be applied to practice sessions, with some minor concessions.
SDR is focused on clean and proper racing and we expect racers who join our sessions to adopt the same approach. If you do join our server, take your racing seriously or take it somewhere else. The following code of conduct helps to ensure an enjoyable and competitive racing environment for any serious racer.

SDR Drivers Code of Conduct
Screaming Donkey Racing wishes to promote safe competition avoiding car-to-car contact. All competitors racing on our servers should adhere to these guidelines at all times.

a) No weaving on the straight

No blocking on the straight (legal defending when approaching a corner or chicane at the end of a straight is permitted).

c) No repeated blocking in corners. You can make one defensive maneuver and return to your racing line. Making a second defensive maneuver is considered illegal.

d) It is the responsibility of the car performing an overtaking manoeuvre to do so in a safe manner, do not expect the car in front to give way if you are only part way past.

e) Care must be taken when re-entering the track. If your car has left the track you must not disrupt oncoming traffic as you return to the track. Wait for concoming cars to pass and rejoin the race with caution.  

f) A blue flag (in LFS) means the car behind you is on a higher lap than you are and "don't hold him up or obstruct him". When a lapping car approaches you are presented with a blue flag a driver must make plans to allow the car behind clear passage for overtaking as soon as is practicable and safe. If racing for position with another car it is acceptable for the battling pair not to immediately yield to the lapping car behind them, however the slower cars must yield to the lapping car with little delay.
In LFS the exception to the blue flag rule is when you are faster than the car behind you even though he is on a higher lap. You will still get a blue flag but obviously you will pull away from him if you are faster. This can occur, for example when the faster car has just left the pits and because he comes out in front of the slower car who hasn't yet pitted he is on the previous lap and gets a blue flag. But he should just drive away into the distance. If he holds up the car behind for any reason he has disobeyed the blue flag. You can not obstruct a car that is about to lap you. Put another way, you should not hinder the progress of a car that is in a higher position than you. The best way to allow the other car to pass is to hold your line and don't make any sudden movements. When the first safe opportunity arises, slow down a bit and let him go by. When being overtaken under blue flag conditions you do not have to move over or surrender the racing line but you must yield to the faster car and allow them to pass.

g) Every driver, no matter his skill level or speed, is fully entitled to follow the racing line all the way around on his qualifying laps and it's up to others to overtake him or time their own run so that they don't meet him (if they want a clean run).

Server Guidelines:
1. No Telepitting during a race under any circumstances. Do so and you may find yourself removed from the server.

2. Don't cross the blend line (the yellow line that runs out of the pits).

3. No bitching about lag. Its the Internet, welcome to it.

4. Restarts WILL NOT happen unless there is a very good reason.

5. No restarts after the first lap.

6. Recommend disallow mid race join.

*Competitors who breach the guidelines above will be given official notification that further indiscretions may result in exclusion from SDR servers or competitions.

Definitions and Limitations:

The Track:
For purposes of definition the "track" or "circuit" is bounded by painted lines, curbs (& ripple strips etc) and run-off areas and excluding the pit area. When overtaking another car this must be done on the "track". If a car gains a position by using any area outside the track he must yield his position back to the car he just overtook. This includes cutting corners, or using non-track areas. Penalty: Stop Go. Some flexibility for minor incursions will always be considered, for example if a wheel touches the grass during an overtaking manouvre their won't be any penalty, it won't be considered an infringement.

The Pit Area
A painted lines bound the pit entry and exit areas. The lines bounding the left and right of the entry and exit roads must not be crossed. The yellow lines after the pit exit are considered a part of the track but must not be crossed by a car exiting the pits. This is for safety of all drivers. Circulating cars should be wary of cars leaving the pits and exiting cars should be wary of circulating cars. A speed limit of 80kph (approx 50mph) will apply to the pit area and sometimes a portion of the pit road entry and exit (as signed). Default LFS penalties apply.
Pitting on the final lap of a race is not permitted. A car must not finish the race in the pit area. Only cars finishing in the track area will be counted. Cars pitting on their final lap will be given the designation: DNF (did not finish).

Title: Re: Code Of Conduct for racing.
Post by Dan on Jan 23rd, 2007 at 10:20pm
This is a great idea :) Allot of LFS-Torque members are now turning over to the racing scene for there daily dosage of Live For Speed :)

Title: Re: Code Of Conduct for racing.
Post by PIPI on Jan 25th, 2007 at 12:11am
Well the little kidos need to be flushe out of the drift community. But i think i'm not coming back. Racing FTW!!

Title: Re: Code Of Conduct for racing.
Post by Nyox on Jan 26th, 2007 at 9:58pm
Having crystal clear rules, I do think it does encurage people sooner
to go racing.
Never been into racing that much. Pure because of inmatture racing behaviour
by other racers/beginners out there. Maybe thats also based on they dont know
exactly how to behave in a race.
(Maybe its also because of the fact, Ive done racing in public servers)

Title: Re: Code Of Conduct for racing.
Post by RB26DETT on Aug 10th, 2007 at 4:08pm
those are great rules!
I think that drift servers should have something like that too...
(for example -
drifter with overheated tires shouldnt hold up people behind him, he should let them pass...
No donuts in pit area
No pit drifting (thankfully I rarely see that)
and so on...)
maybe this sounds stupid, but I believe it would improve the quality of drift sessions...

Title: Re: Code Of Conduct for racing.
Post by Dan on Aug 11th, 2007 at 1:21am
Maybe we should let the drifters work that out in the Drifting topics then  ;) They might just see it there

Title: Re: Code Of Conduct for racing.
Post by lok on Aug 11th, 2007 at 9:10am
I think a lot of people need to read Section (F)  >:(

Title: Re: Code Of Conduct for racing.
Post by t0fuya on Aug 11th, 2007 at 11:09am
most drifters cant even follow "DO NOT SPEED IN PITS" in the Team Orange server, even AFTER being automatically spectated about 5 times. how do you honestly expect "drift rules" to work? maybe if most drifter had more brain and less JDM EGO.

anyway, lets not clog up this topic anymore with stuff that has nothing to do with racing.

Title: Re: Code Of Conduct for racing.
Post by Dan on Aug 11th, 2007 at 2:15pm

lok wrote on Aug 11th, 2007 at 9:10am:
I think a lot of people need to read Section (F)  >:(

Heh, people can't even follow this rule in most leagues...  :-/

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