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*RULES OF THIS FORUM* (Read 2094 times)

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Nov 28th, 2004 at 4:57pm


- Abuse will not be tolerated on any level.
- Posting of nudity, sexually explicit or overly suggestive images or links to such content is forbidden.
- Do not spam.
- Do not advertise commercial products without prior consent from admin staff.
- Political or Religious discussion is not allowed.

The maximum size for images posted using the image tags will be 800x600 pixels. Any images larger than this should not be posted using image tags, please use the url tags instead. If you post an image larger than 800 x 600 using image tags we may delete your post or image without notification. Please follow this simple rule to ensure all members can load pages faster and with minimum disruption to the forum template on their screen.

The maximum size for signature images will be no higher than 120 pixels and no longer than 760 pixels. Although we allow this size we would prefer if you used a smaller image size for your sig. Images cause longer load times for forum pages and can make browsing difficult for 56k users. Please consider these things when creating your signature.

Team Boards:

- Team boards will only be supplied upon request and only to established teams. If a member wishes to create a new team or join a team, please post on Team Noticeboard.
- Forum space is not infinite for this feature so please don't waste our time by starting a team just so have your own board.
Inactive team topics will be removed, with no exception.
- Team leaders who abuse their local moderator status will be stripped of their powers to mod their team board.
- To apply for a team board, please send a Private Message to an admin stating any information that you think is relevant to your team. Your team will be allocated a board if you can show that the team is well-established and active.

Forum Staff:

Our moderators have been chosen from within our own community and have the full support of the admin staff. If a member has an issue with a staff member the correct procedure to follow is thus:
. attempt to resolve the issue with that member via the forum's Personal Message System.
. If you are not comfortable with that approach, or have tried it and still have issues to discuss you are to contact an admin who will mediate on the issue. We believe in treating members fairly and want to hear both sides of the story.
. If an issue with staff or another member is posted publicly it will be removed and the member who posted risks a ban. We are willing to hear you out, but not tolerate public defamation of your fellow members.
. It is a privelege to be here, this is not a country and you have no rights as such, so we ask that you observe our forum rules which may be updated as the need arises. Our rules are designed to promote fairness and tolerance, we hope all concerned can see that and be cooperative.
. If you wish to speak with a staff member about any issues that you have with the boards or particular posts, please contact a
from that particular board. Do not contact admin staff with nornal issues, our moderators are capable of helping you and will do what they can.
. Conflicts can occur on any public message board and we accept that people have their differences. This is not an army camp, so let's relax and stay cool and positive, but please don't get carried away.
. An off-topic board has been made available for general off-topic discussion, please stay on topic in LFS related boards.

Post Counts, Spam, and You

We don't like spam. What is spam? Spam is posting for the sake of posting - posting stuff that is not relevant to the subject of the discussion. Spam can derail an otherwise interesting discussion. Spamming will make other forum members dislike you. Posting irrelevant comments is also known as "hijacking a topic" (causing a topic to wander off the subject).
Some forum goers like to get high post counts and will post as much as they can just to see the little number under their name getting bigger. While we don't have a problem with this, we won't tolerate members who spam to raise their post count. If you wish to discuss off-topic subjects with other members we have provided a special section for non-LFS discussion. We have called this section Stripped Cogs. Any posts made in the Stripped Cogs section will not count towards your total number of posts listed below your user name. Only relevant LFS discussion will advance your post count total. The purpose of this is to encourage Live For Speed discussion on our forum.
As your post count rises you will occasionaly find that your status has changed too. Each member has a group name that is controlled by the number of posts a member has made (forum participation).

Thank you for reading our rules. Your cooperation is appreciated on all of these matters, and we thank you for considering the views of your fellow members when participating in discussions on our forum. Respect each other and respect yourselves.
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