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Tyre Choice and Use (Read 1051 times)

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Tyre Choice and Use
Jan 23rd, 2007 at 10:21pm
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Re: Tyre Choice and Use
Reply #1 - Jan 24th, 2007 at 5:02am
XRT: Blackwood grand prix hotlap

You should always pick a tyre setup depending on the length of a race.
For example: XRT at Blackwood grand prix hotlap, I would use these boundaries:
Front pressure: 20.0 psi to 24.0 psi
Rear pressure: 21.0 psi to 25.0 psi
Front live camber: -4.40 to -5.30
Rear live camber: -3.80 to -4.50
Higher camber: More grip, Less braking, More heat up.
Less camber: Less grip, More braking, Less heat up.
Higher psi: Less grip, Less heat up, Higher straight line speeds.
Lower psi: More grip, More heat up, Lower straight line speeds.
You have to find a balence between all these settings.
Camber balance: You need to find the balance between the braking the grip and the heat up.
Tyre pressure balance: You should try find the balance between straight line speeds, grip and heat up.
General balance: When you have found the balance between what I have mentioned, your tyre section is balanced, wearing equaly is not needed in a setup but can help in longer races, that I will soon explain.

This is explaining how to choose your tyre section depending on the length of the race that is in this case a one lap hotlap.

I hope this basic explanation on the tyre section can help some one.

Thanks to Nuvolari for these new threads.
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