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Rally Day! Come set your time. (Read 834 times)
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Doriftu Kingu.

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Rally Day! Come set your time.
Apr 12th, 2007 at 8:07pm
Today is Rally Day! This event will use the same concept that real stage rally's use.

[SIZE="5"]Rules and Layouts[/SIZE]

There will be a layout setout across a course, you just have to get around that track as fast as possible. Each run will be seen by me to ensure no cheating or cutting corners. That is if you can cut through walls.

Today's stage will be held on Autocross and South City. You get 1 shot at each track, spin...No restarts. No telepitting, also. I want to make this as close to Real life as I can get.

[size="5"]Signups and Timekeeping[/size]

You will drive the Autocross track, then I will record your time via your LFSW username. NOT your display name - so I can easily find you on here. Then you will do your South City run, and I will add the times up. I will be using "Total time" instead of "Fastest Lap", mainly because this includes penalties. So you have to drive carefully.

You don't have to sign up for this event, the server will be running for around 4 hours between 12PM and 4PM. In the time leading up to that I will be building the layouts, so i've got an hour.

Now it would be brilliant if a few people came, but please. Can we get alot of people? You've got a 4 hour window, thats quite alot.

[SIZE="5"]Server Information[/SIZE]

Server name will be - [COLOR="Black"]LFSForum[/COLOR][COLOR="Red"] Rally Stage[/COLOR]

Server Password will be - "forum"

Nice and simple. Okay, I hope alot of people come; so that it will take me 30 mintues to type up all the names in a topic.

Good luck!

Oh, 1 note. This competition is originally based in the LFS Forum, so if any people here compete your name will be in the larger list.
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The Red Dragons
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Re: Rally Day! Come set your time.
Reply #1 - Apr 12th, 2007 at 8:20pm
This sounds like fun Jack, I'd like to participate but timezones are a killer Sad Good luck with this event, hope to see some screenshots from it.
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