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Falken History. (Read 822 times)

Team Falken

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Falken History.
Dec 31st, 2009 at 2:31pm
Team History


-2nd July 2007 - Team was created by Dan and wanted Nathan (NCJ) to join in co-leading.
-2nd August 2007 - A3rox joins the team as the first official member.
-9th September 2007 - Liam joins Falken.
-26th September 2007 - Let go of Liam due to time zone differences not working out. (Australia)
-27th September 2007 - Keisu joins the team!
-10th October 2007 - i91 joins the team!
-13th October 2007 - John joins the team!
-17th October 2007 - Chong joins the team!
-18th October 2007 - Solle joins the team!
-24th October 2007 - Zirikooz joins the team!
-28th October 2007 - John kicked due to unacceptable behavior.
-22nd November 2007 - i91 let go due to things not working out with Nathan.


New year - Nathan decides to leave due to work commitments and his inactivity.
8th June 2008 - Glazer and Sebone join the team!
16th June 2008 - Zim and Huips join the team!
23rd August 2008 - JTuned joins he team!
28th December 2008 - Zim leaves the team to recreate"Worx" with Butch. Quote: "I bring sad news you guys, i think im going to leave the great team falken, and this is through no fault of anyone in the team. I think me and butch are gonna start up worx again, i think it will be good to start something afresh. You know i love you guys, and everything that you've done for me in team falken, and obviously this wont change the way i see you guys, as really good friends. Sometimes i think you just gotta move on, and i hope this will not affect the friendships i have made with all of you guys along the way, all of which i am very thankful for."
-29th December 2008 - Seb leaves the team to create a new team with B2k called "URAS" Quote: "Thanks for all the support guys xD and thanks to you falken buddies for taking it with a smile !! Luv u guys ! <3"


7th February 2009 - Grandpa joins the team!
14th April 2009 - JTuned kicked - various reasons..
May 10th 2009 - Deggis joins the team!
July 2nd 2009 - 2nd BIRTHDAY & .dot invited to join Falken, greatly accepting. Cheesy
20th August 2009 - Zirikooz let go for being inactive.
14th Dec 2009 - Aerox leaves to focus solely on racing in the ITCC
23rd Dec 2009 - Kudo invited to join who gladly accepted!


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alken Keisu.
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