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Live For Speed Torque
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Dec 3rd, 2010 at 1:47am
LFS Torque Drift is online.

The core community of LFS Torque was formed by people who might now be called 'veterans' of LFS drifting. They take it seriously enough to not tolerate immature or abusive play and are mindful of having a good online experience with their friends. You will find most of them helpful and friendly if you act helpful and friendly too.

We welcome you to participate in our semi-exclusive community so that you too may enjoy this sim as we have. We ask that you respect that this server is the domain of a large group of long-time friends who have been meeting online for several years - many of us since LFS first began, in fact. We've all seen a lot of retarded morons come and go over the years - please don't become one of them.

- - - - - - - - ~ - - - - - - - -

There will be a few admin slots reserved but otherwise there should be plenty of room. My experience with the 'public' drifting community over the last several years (how long has it been now?) tells me to password the server and only allow admin rights for a few of my trusted companions. You will have to trust my choice of server admins. It is not unusual for people to make bad calls, even good people, so if you are disappointed with an admin decision don't flip out or I won't even listen to you and hear your case. I simply don't have time to deal with petty crap on a drift server so please just roll with the punches and be nice if you feel you have a grievance to air.

Bans from the server will all be temporary unless you are obviously being a total dick or you repeatedly disrupt reasonable play on the server. This means I don't want it to be a strict environment devoid of fun and games, but if you ruin the fun of others deliberately or through extremely poor driving we will have no choice but to toast your fat ass.

Having said all of that, we at LFS Torque welcome you and hope that you will take the opportunity to join in, have fun, and meet some truly amazing drivers along the way. Have fun and keep it clean.

Check the password thread to find the current server password.

Check the Rules & Regulations thread so you get an idea what to expect on our servers.

Kind Regards
Nuvolari Smiley
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